Store Pricing

The Process

Each print is made to order using the highest quality materials. I use the exact same gallery-grade materials used by photographers who charge significantly more. 

My goal is to create art that is affordable while still making a profit to support my work and enable me to continue to create and improve my print collection.

One of the ways I do this is by introducing a progressive pricing model that allows my work to increase in value over time for both the artist and the collector. 

While I don’t always market art as an investment since it exists first and foremost to improve the quality of your space and give you something beautiful to look at on your walls, making my prints limited edition increases the scarcity by limiting the supply of my work and allows my customers to own a piece of artwork that is unique and valuable. 

The pricing is increased with each edition between to raise the value over time of the artwork and reflect the limited quantities available for each print. 

The first edition will be the least expensive and as images sell into higher editions the price increases accordingly. 

Once an edition is sold out the image will be discontinued and no longer available.


Print Pricing

Price Increase Per Edition Sold
  • Giclée Prints - Any Size - + $5 Per Edition
  • Canvas, Acrylic, Metal - 8x10/8x12 - + $5 Per Edition​
  • Canvas, Acrylic, Metal - All Other Sizes - + $10 Per Edition
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