My name is Paul, I am a content creator and visual storyteller based out of New Mexico.

I tell stories, help brands, sell products and generally just make stuff look good. 

I use tools such as cameras, computers, and my brain to gather, assemble, & edit digital content. I like to think of it as “creative problem solving.” Taking ideas and thoughts and turning them into words and images is a fascinating process.

The art of creation and distillation is my forte.

Digital goods and services are on track to be a two trillion dollar industry and I am a small part of this movement towards inevitably creating digital worlds that will entirely replace reality until we are all stuck in the matrix.

When I am not staring at a computer screen for hours and hours, I enjoy disconnecting from technology and refreshing myself by traveling and wandering around aimlessly in the wilderness. I hope to inspire others to explore the world around them and and find their own sense of purpose.

This website is a portfolio, a journal, and a legacy all in one. I use this as a place to connect with people, write articles, and show my work.

If you would like to reach out to me, please email contact@paulwolfgang.com or use the form on this page.

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