Castle Glow Print

Limited Edition Print

Title: “Castle Glow”

Artist: Paul Wolfgang

Current Edition: #1/3


“The sky caught the light and turned a pleasantly surprising peach color right at sunset”


8×12, 10×20


Canvas, Metal, Acrylic

Product Materials

All prints are unique, handmade works of art that are made to order.


Giclee Prints

Photo prints use the highest quality, archival-grade materials. 

Finishes can vary between print editions – Such as Metallic, Lustre, Matte, Hot Press, Cold Press, etc.

Framing is recommended for standard photo prints. 


Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are made using the highest quality canvas that is stretched on a wooden frame, then coated with a protective coat to ensure it lasts a lifetime of use. A classic look with slightly more muted colors and a lightweight frame at a more affordable cost.


Metal Prints

Metal Prints cost slightly more than canvas but less than acrylic. Metal prints are durable, lightweight, and have a unique finish. Due to the nature of metallic inks, they have a slight drop in sharpness and color range compared to acrylic but are slightly more durable and with a middle-range cost, providing a nice balance.


Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are a traditional photo print on high-quality paper that is laminated for protection and face-mounted onto 1/8th inch acrylic glass with a di-bond aluminum backing which makes for a beautiful effect and protects the print from being damaged or bent as it is essentially airtight. Acrylic has slightly more glare but offers the best color range and sharpness, it also is much more durable and higher quality than a traditional framed print.

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